Friday, June 26, 
Line up for the first episode of the new weekly music series!

WPKN On Air Dates

Friday, June 26, 1 - 4 PM ET.


WPKN, 89.5 fm Bridgeport, CT &


1:00 PM  John Reid, Producing Artistic Director of FTC

2:00 PM   Rebecca Haviland will be checking in. Chatting about                        what is going on with the band and her part in the                         "Music My Mother Would Not Like" Live Stream Series.

 2:20 PM  Anne Saunders, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival with an                           update  on this year's festival.

3:00 PM   Jenner Fox will also be part of the "Music My Mother                        Would Not Like" Live Stream Series. 

Set Lists Will Be Posted Later

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