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The Plan

This website will support several things, the weekly radio program "Music My Mother Would Not Like" heard on Thursdays from 4 - 6 PM ET on from 1 - 4 PM ET, the FaceBook Page with live shows and interviews, YouTube Live, and the blog. I would love to hear from you via email. Address in the CONTACT portion of the site. Thanks!

Asheville FM 103.3
FaceBook & FB Live
YouTube Channel for Interviews

This is the heart of the website. As a regularly scheduled programmer on independent radio station WSFM-LP 103.3 fm in Asheville, NC I have had the privilege to interact with musicians from all over the world via live telephone conversations, recorded interviews, and on-air in-studio visits.

Growing up, the radio was a constant part of my life. As a child with my first AM clock radio to my teenage years with my first stereo; the radio personalities have always been my heroes.

The dream of being on the air first became a possibility when I returned to college in 2010 and found a slot on the college radio station WHCS. That was the birth of "Music My Mother Would Not Like"  and the start of my radio career. Now with several thousand hours of live radio on two different stations and hundreds of interviews, it is a great time to expand the programming. 

As the radio station is the heart of the website, FaceBook and FaceBook Live will be one of the big voices for the platform. 

From the FaceBook Page "Music My Mother Would Not Like" you will continue to see updates on regional events, commentary on new albums, news on upcoming radio shows, but it will also utilize the FaceBook Live. This feature that will bring full length stream shows to assist the artists with exposure and earnings. 

We will be announcing partnering projects with venues locally, regionally, and nationally.

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way live music is presented and probably how it will be presented in the future. 

We intend to change and grow with it while presenting safe alternatives to live in venue music. 

(Photo w James Maddock, Nov '19. Photo credit: L. Baker)


Probably the most challenging part of radio are the interviews. The process intrigues me from start to end. The beginning of the process with chasing after "the get", confirming the date and time to do the interview, to the preparation, to the culmination with the actual interview.

For many of the interviews there are several hours of preparation; listening to their music, reading liner notes, looking online for information that will make for an interesting conversation for the artist and more importantly, the audience.

The radio interviews will be used as the foundation for the recorded videos that I will put up on the "Music My Mother Would Not Like" YouTube page. These interviews will be conversation and perhaps a song or two from the artist.

(With We Banjo 3, Kate Theater, Old Saybrook, CT)


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